Sunday, May 6, 2012

Top Secret?

 Top Secret??? What ever could it be????  Everyone is trying to figure out what it is... The Rabbit is announcing that he has the TOP SECRET... but is not allowed to let anyone know... oh what ever could it be... the Queen must know..???  But I think we would all be better off trying to find the Mad Hatter and seeing what he has to say about this... he might know...  
(By the way.. this is for the ALTERED ALICE CHALLENGE that started today for the month of May... check it out and join in on the fun... I bet you will love it as much as I do...  brings the light into my day when I do an Alice challenge...  )  

 So you know what this could be???  Do you think that maybe the White Queen is looking for a place to settle down and find a nice place to stay...???? Or maybe the Queen of HEARTs is having a soft spot in her heart for the White Queen???? 

Maybe the Mad Hatter is going to start making dresses... and no longer make hats???  
So much going on around here... everyone is running around looking for everyone else... trying to find out the TOP SECRET!!!!   

(I put this page in this direction so that you didn't have to stand on your head to read it... but think you are better off reading the other ones... LOL... )) 

Well.. I had a lot of fun making this page... and a few others that I will release in a few days... I did make my ALICE journal... and will share that with you too... 

I made a few rubber stamps of leaves, and had a blast print them with olive green archival inks... and then cutting them out for the tree... The stenciling is so much fun...  and the doodling is right up my alley... so to say I had fun with this...  is an understatement...  AND since I love ALICE.... and all the others.... right down to the little baby piggy...  I had fun with this and the other pages...  

Hope you will check back for the rest of the story...  LOL..  Can Alice have these other stories attached to it??? Is it against the rules of Alice in Wonderland to have these side stories on going all the time???  Do you think that they stay with the same story line all the time???  

Oh well.. speaking of time...  I hear that crazy rabbit saying that he is LATE for a very important date... maybe I will go see if he is going to tell the TOP SECRET... I will let you know when I find out.... and I hope you will let me know if you find out prior to me finding out...  keeping my fingers crossed that we find out soon...  

Have a fun day...  enjoy what ever you are doing... and see you soon...  keep posted...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit...  Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Thanks so much for playing along with The Altered Alice! What fun! I can't wait to see this story unfold! I love your layered background, and the leaves are great. The perpendicular text written along the tree and blades of grass is another great touch!

  2. You've certainly got me curious...and as time goes on, curiouser and curiouser, I'm sure ;) The background of your journal cover rocks, the colors perfect. Nice job on the leaves...awesome!

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  4. Love the beautiful layering and colors, you chose! Just a lovely journal!

  5. how much fun is that, great journal page, hugs

  6. So fun! Loving the page and your fab journaling! xxD

  7. Fun the journaling in the grass!