Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pink Illusions

When I teach a class I have all kinds of brain energy... prior and after... and my mind will not stop creating... it is endless... so I go to a class tired... and then come home tired... thinking that I am going to have a good nights sleep.. WRONG!!! I stay up half the night creating things in my mind that I want to do in the studio the next day... of course I can't do that... as I am so very tired that I try to gather up enough energy to simply write down the ideas that I have thought of... 

This is one of those many ideas... it only took a few months to be created... but I dreamt of it the night prior to my White on white class in April!!!  now it is the middle of May and I finally got the card made!!!  

Anyway... the dream was about using the poinsettia die from Spellbinders and creating this Carmelia flower... I love it... it is truly about the color and shape of the ones in our yard... they are so very pretty when in bloom in December and January... it is hard to realize that such a pretty flower is blooming and the possible snows could fly at any minute... but the bush keeps on going... so wonderful....  

Anyway... I think you can see the possibilities with so many of these dies... we just have to allow our minds to flow in all directions... and then create with it... so neat...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope to see you tomorrow.. 
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie