Friday, May 11, 2012

Butterfly Butterfly

 Happy FRIDAY to all out there .... I know that when you work out of the house Friday is always a GREAT day of the week...  so Happy Friday in all ways to all .... 

Friday is always a good day... as I get to do this challenge for L3 Studio... and Linda is always choosing something fun from Tims Volume 2 book... and this week... it is page 48...  Shattered Stains...  if you dont' have the book... get one... it has a lot of GOOD THINGS in it... . you are going to be glad you did.... 

I really wanted to do different colors...  but didnt get the color look I really wanted... but I do like these too...  It is a little chilly in my studio today... as it is chilly outside for this time of the year... and also my studio faces west... so I get the afternoon sun!!!  Hot and horrible in the summer... but warming and wonderful on cooler days..  like today...  

Okay... enough on the weather...  I had fun doing this... I made my butterflies... and started to play with the stains... and that is when they got a little bit different colored than I wanted... but I love the way they look... 
 Now what would a tag of mine be without FLOWERS????  Come on...  
So I had to add a couple of the flowers I have in a quart mason jar...  not kidding... I love making and using these tattered pinecone roses...  love it... I use Dyan's dylusions... and have a field day... of course my table where all my inks are... is starting to look like a spray booth... not good... but hey... no one ever said it had to be perfectly clean... right...???? it is used... very used and I love it...  
 After I got my butterflies onto the tag... I felt that they needed a little jazzing up... so I added some gem stones.. and then some antennae on with the black enamel   

The background was fun.. .as I got my work sheet cleaned up from a field day with my three new Distress Inks...  Love the turquoise and the lilac...  The yellow is going to be GREAT for the fall... love it too...   
When I got the tag all put together I was surprised at how dark it was... I wanted a Peacock and lilac colored tag... but certainly didn't get that look at all... did I????  

Hope you will take a look at this challenge and also at Simon Says Stamp and Shows wonderful generous gifts that they are always giving....  thanks so much Simon Says...  you have a GREAT shop... I love to go into that shop and get all kinds of goodies...  great place..  

Well... I guess that about wraps up my week too... I have a ton of things to get done today and tomorrow... and hope that you will take a look at my newest release collection of digital...  you can see them at   Kre8tive kits     or Pretties by Bonnie    if the links are not working, you can find both of these blogs linked on the right side of this blog...  This is a collection of Christmas digitals... just in time for that summer time push on getting ahead for the hectic Christmas season...  There are lots of easy and creative ways to make cards ... and also get a wonderful look...  you will enjoy it...  

Thanks for taking a look see... and also for stopping in today for a visit... Have a wonderful week-end... and I will most likely be seeing you on Sunday...  

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie 



  1. LOVE your tag, and what a great idea, to spray flowers with Dylusions. I have the sprays on hand and am TERRIBLE with stencils so looking for other ways to use the sprays. I don't think I could ever make flowers from the pinecone die, but they sure do look gorgeous when other people make them!

  2. Love it, the colours are so vibrant. The pinecone seems to make better flowers than an actual flower die does.

  3. You've created another beauty, Bonnie! So many things for my eye to see!

  4. Your tag is gorgeous, love the colour combination you've used.

  5. This is beautiful... the colours are glorious

  6. This is stunning, your butterflys are amazing along with your roses.

  7. I think the colours look fabulous - I have just started to use the pinecone die to make flowers with too - such fun!

  8. Love the butterflies ant the flowers are beautiful

  9. Wonderful job on the shattered stains, and the entire tag, Bonnie! This is a stunner! The rhinestones are such a great touch and the flowers, as always, are just amazing!