Thursday, May 10, 2012

The CAT!!!

 Can you see that crazy CAT???   

He spooks me out.. keeps on appearing and then all of a sudden he is gone... yikes...  I think I am out of here... that cat looks like he is going to jump out of the tree any minute and yet I know that he doesn't jump.. he just leaves... totally gone...  wow... wish I could do that sometimes... dont' you????  Wild goings on... 

I am running around trying to find out what the Top Secret is...  

Over at Altered Alice there is a challenge going on and this is the third entry I have done this month so far... I have to finish this story.. and also show you my new Altered Alice Journal... so hold on... a few more days... .  
This cat is about ready to jump off the page... !!!!  

With all the bubbles filled with all kinds of things I guess it is spooking him too...LOL... 

Well it is fun no matter what... I can really let loose on pages for Altered Alice... so very free and wild...  
The Mad Hatter is out of here...  he is leaving... and we still are not sure what the top secret is... ??? Maybe the Queen of Hearts knows... do you think I should check on her???  

WEll.. if you find out... please let me know... okay???  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... see you soon.... maybe with a little bit more knowledge about what is going on here...  

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. Thanks for playing along with The Altered Alice again! I am enjoying reading the story installments. That background is fab, I love the vivid colors and layers!

  2. I haven't heard anything on this end, Bonnie....but my money is on the Mad Hatter! Be careful when you approach the Queen...keep your head about you!

  3. Bonnie, I can't even tell you how fab this is! WOW! xxD

  4. oh fab techniques and colors, hugs

  5. Wow! What color and magic. The bubbles are so cool and I love how you used that border stencil. Very nice.