Monday, January 14, 2013

Auraknot and Bunzo

Today is our daughters birthday... and I can still remember the day she was born...  wow...  a beautiful happening in our lives...  a 9lb 9ounce beautiful girl...  bright pink and so very perfect in all ways...  

So Happy Birthday to our sweet, wonderful talented and loving daughter...  

This is for you Heather Amy!!!   

Happy Happy Birthday...  

Heather Amy is also a tangler... and so is her beautiful son... and he is only 8 and starting to create his own tangles...   

I love the flowing of this tangle and hope that she does too...  

Have a Happy Birthday and Many Many many more....  

 Soooooooo this week with the Diva's challenge, Laura has given us the challenge of doing a piece with using only two tangles...  Auroknot and Bunzo...  I love doing the Auroknot... but bunzo is not a favorite yet...  I keep on trying it... but just doesn't flow for me at all... ???? 

I had to control myself.. as the lower auroknot I started to let the lines flow... and then remembered that I could only do Auroknot and Bunzo....  oh boy...  what a bummer that was... oh well...  I will create a few others... so not to worry...  LOL...  

I wanted a free auroknot .... and also some that were a little more controlled... also some with 5 points... and some with 6... the flower of LIFE...  I really did enjoy the time doing this TIA... and thanks again Laura for the challenge... as it was a challenge using the bunzo!!!!!   

Hope that you all have a wonderful day... and enjoy what ever you do....  Thanks for stopping by and also for all the lovely comments you all leave... . 

Happy Birthday sweetie... and enjoy this one...  
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Beautiful flowing lines! Happy birthday to your ddaughter!

  2. I love the loops you added to the main auraknot. Great job!

  3. I like how "airy" the auraknot is with the additional flair! Very nice!

  4. Love the "looser" look here. Beautiful!

  5. floating Bunzo!! Happy Birthday Heather!!

  6. You did very well here! Happy birthday to Heather.

  7. Beautifully drawn and shaded. Ever so free-flowing and graceful! It's so great your daughter and grandson also tangle - what fun to share your artwork with one another.

  8. Really like your version, Bonnie. happy Birthday to your daughter.

  9. yay, so light-weighting this week! a wonderful work! to be honest i really really love the happy birthday tangle! this is awesome! A happy Birthday to your beloved Heather, with a handful of Swiss-snow which covered the hole city last night :)

  10. Terrific job - lovely and airy - love the highlights on bunzo :)

  11. Love the auraknot - wonderful interpretation!