Monday, October 10, 2011

A Funny little story

Happy Monday to all out there ...  I have been having a lot of fun the past couple of nights making all kinds of background etc... and using Distress ink pads, Distress stains, Distress re-inkers and Distress embossing powders... I have about 30 pieces  of assorted papers, tags and misc things that I found in my reach... and so I have a lot of new backgrounds to play with... not that I really needed them... buy hey... I don't ever like to be caught short handed either... LOL... I think I have enough now for the next year or two..  

Anyway... I also created a series of tags ... a little story line with some tags.. and wanted to share them with you...  they are also for the ALTERED ALICE Challenge... 

  and here is the first one… there of course is a little story behind this… I started to play with my newly acquired Alice stamps from StampAttack((go see the great Alice stamps that Carol has...  )  … and was having so much fun… and then realized that I had to do Mad Hatter tags… not general ALICE tags… oh well.. no harm in that … so I had a few things I needed to change around and came up with about 4 tags that I thought had a story tagging along…  LOL… So here it goes… and the next four days I will have a Mad Hatter tag with a little story… 

Walking along the cat spooks the Mad Hatter 
 (The challenge is to make a Mad Hatter with some thing that TWINKLES...  My TWINKLE is my background on this tag... I created the background with taking a Distress pad, and rubbing it on my work sheet and then spritzing it with water... and then rubbing the tag into it... love it... a favorite technique to say the least... then I took an old bottle of Twinkling H20 called radient rain and since it is very clogged, I take the stick out and flick the yummy gold all over things... love that look.. and love the randomness of the color...  The CAT... well he/she is also a little Twinkling... as i have a light coat of silver over him... but you can't see it shining here.. sorry about that... but he does twinkle...  ) 

Great CAT 

The Mad Hatter was walking along, going to the Tea party… and all of a sudden he sees that CRAZY Cheshire cat in the tree… Oh my goodness… it scares the shoes off him… and he spilled some tea.. and started to run… He is totally scared of this crazy cat that appears and disappears all the time... you never know when and where he will appear... it really spooks the Mad Hatter... (actually it most likely doesn't take much to spook him anyway...  )  More tomorrow... 

See you tomorrow??? 
Thanks for stopping by…  Love, Light and Peace…Bonnie


  1. Great tag, Bonnie! I love it. Your Mad Hatter just pops! Know you have been having fun.

  2. Thanks for playing along with The Altered Alice again! I look forward to the next installment of your little story! Cool tag, love the hot colors!

  3. OOOh fun! Love to see your techniques and I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. xxD