Thursday, October 13, 2011

Final Chapter in the Mad Hatter's tea party

Final chapter to this story…  (To see the beginning of this story... please go back to October 10th ... these tags and story were created for the ALTERED ALICE Challenge...) 

 I do hope that go to this site... and join in on the challenge...  there is a really nice prize for the winner... so please make your Mad Hatter Twinkle... and that is all you have to do...  so easy and so much fun...  

The Mad Hatter finally gets to where his tea party is going to be held… and there are all kinds of tea cakes, and fancy cakes on special platters...  and tea pots that need to be filled…  He decides that the only thing that he really needs to do now is to make a new hat... ( He lost his old hat on the trip to the Tea Party… so his new hat will have to do for the Tea Party…  does it look okay to you??? Or a little witchy like???)  p.s.  I made the hat for him... as he was so befuddled by the cat , the bats, and the spider... so I helped him a little bit...  the wand was his idea.. .LOL  

and also to proclaim that Halloween will be a fun night of special treats for all in Wonderland…  he is really excited… as he has his newest creation on his head… a black hat with a purple band and shiny magenta buckle…  he loves it… it is so special for Halloween… and it matches his wand…  a star with a raven and pumpkins…BOO…  He lost his old hat on the trip to the Tea Party… so his new hat will have to do for the Tea Party…  He is so confused about things…  but it  is funny when you think about it… 

  I am sure you will see more of the Mad Hatter prior to Halloween… as he needs to get ready for the BIG NIGHT….

Thanks for stopping by… and hope that you enjoyed the silly little story…  I had fun making all the tags… and sharing them with you…

See you again hopefully…  and something new will most likely will fun tomorrow… 
Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  

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  1. Oh MY! He did lose his hat, but his new one is lovely and so very fitting. Fabulous, Bonnie! A great end to the story. xxD