Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Continued little silly story...

Back to the story…  

The Mad Hatter was running and running … and trying to get away from that crazy Cheshire cat… He runs and runs... and he finally sees the old grave yard... and what it is in the grave yard, but a HUGE PUMPKIN...  … and he thinks he can hide behind it…so he runs over to the pumpkin and settles in to hide from that crazy cat...  Hopefully the cat will not find him and will leave him alone... he really needs to get to the tea party... as he is the host... ( is it really a pumpkin... or is it the cat in disguise???  WOW... what a shocker that would be... huh?? )    

I love this tag…. The tag in the background is kraft… and I spritzed it with a blue Perfect Pearls…  and then the page from a book is spritzed with citrus and I inked the edges with Gathered twigs…  and then dribbled liquid gold all over the two of them… really twinkling… 

See you tomorrow with another chapter of the silly little story… Thanks for following along... 
Don't forget to check out the Altered Alice challenge... and please join in on the fun... make a tag about the Mad Hatter that Twinkles... what fun is that...  hope to see you there...
Love, Light and Peace…Bonnie 


  1. Thanks for playing along with The Altered Alice again! This story is getting interesting, lol, and plenty of fun twinkle and shine!

  2. Your pumpkin and Mad Hatter look great!!

    Jessica Griffin

  3. Oh how fun! Love the way you've skewed the graveyard and that pumpkin could indeed be the Cheshire in disguise with those pointy teeth. Thanks again for sharing with The Altered Alice. Your story is so delightful! xxD