Friday, September 12, 2014

Honoring CROWS

I guess I have a love /unlove relationship with crows... and I am trying to LOVE them... they have been fairly good this season.. .so I am allowing them back into my heart of hearts...  this tag is to
I am also putting this into the following challenges...
I used Tims Crow... and just altered the position so that they looked like different ones... crows seem to love to be together... and I always see them in groups of 3, 4 and more... they are so regal... the colors are blue/purple BLACK... deep deep black... I love it... they are wonderfully beautiful in all ways...  even their CRY... 
I used all of Tims new techniques... but did make a slight change with a few areas... 

But I did the background and didn't have enough color... so I added another color... and this is what happened... I happen to love it.. .so I went with it...  stamping that same wreath.. I love this wreath... as I love bittersweet and miss picking it here in our home... 

Okay.. here is where I went a little bit off color... I colored my separate paper with the inks... but then I stamped the Crow on it... trying to allow the blues and purples to shine thru... there really is purple there... but mainly denim and the new blue one???  can't remember the name right now... GREAT color...  love it.. 

Then using my palette and solution pen... I colored the bittersweet... 

You know that crows are very human like.. they are wild critters in their thinking.. .and this one is balancing on one leg on a thin piece of raffia... I think he is a little bit crazy... but he likes it there... 

My other three have taken to the bittersweet wreath... and are happy there... 

These words were so very fitting... and when I realized that I had chosen words that were actually left over and loose in my Remnant rubs folder and they were so fitting... WOW...  great words... huh??? 

My final tag...  I really love it... and it will go into my crow book that I am creating... you will see it one of these days... I promise you...  or maybe a version of it... never mind... you will see it.. 
Well I got this one posted and now am exhausted... I have been up way to long today... and need some sleep...  so I am off to Never Never land... (Peter Pan)  and will sleep very soundly... 
No school buses to wake me up in the morning...  and the chickens better sleep in too.. LOL.. (RIGHT???) 
Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope to see you soon...
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Gorgeous creation Bonnie,I have some big old oak trees at the back of my garden and the crows always hang around there squawking all day,noisy blighters!

    Will be in touch today,not forgotten you :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. It's a great tag again what you did with the background.
    Great this tag is playing with us at SCH.
    Have a nice weekend, hugs Plony

  3. Wow Bonnie, this is fantastic!! The technique you used to do the crows is really magnificent because they look gorgeous!! I love the way you used the kraft paper! You are so creative, big hugs :)

  4. Bonnie - I came by to say thank you for the amazing comments you have left all over about my "Sacred Book of Runes" guest post I did for OCC. Wow you really made me feel like I was it! Thanks again, I am not really and artist (never formally trained) and never did any art at school cos we didnt have the option, so when i discovered that I loved paint, ink, dye and crayons - I started going nuts. I think part of the reason why I manage to invent so much is because unlike proper artists who have an education in certain art and craft supplies and techniques, I really dont even know whether something exists or not so I just pretty much re-invent the wheel half the time. I love your crows tag - so many interesting details for the eye. I have a love/hate relationship with crows myself but your crows are definately not creepy, so for today - I am loving yoru crows.

  5. such a great tag, love the vibrancy of the birds thanks for joining us at SCH

  6. Beautiful, blue black crows, you've really captured their sheen! Fab Ruth x