Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Spooky Haunting HOUSE

Today I am again the PROUD GUEST DESIGNER for Frilly and Funkie...  I love doing challenges and love making things... so this is right up my alley...  creating something SPECIAL to share with YOU... 
Okay... here is what I have made for this special
HALLOWEEN Special... 
So many times we think that things have to be a special in depth item in order to be fun.. but I had so very much fun putting this house together... 
and most likely it will go to one of my grandsons...  the only problem is which one...  maybe I will have to have more fun and make another one...  right???
Maybe I need it for myself.. as this little witch is so very special to me...  you see my neighbor who travels all over the world brought it back to me from the UK..  she said we are both witches and bought herself a big one... and also a little one... 
so I  had to put it onto my house ... somewhere... 
Anyway... I get so wordy... I apologize for that... but it is just my way of being..  LOL...
Here is the Spooky Haunting HOUSE..
and it is really a fun house... 
When I bought this it was the brown paper mache house... and had no personality.. you know the kind... and so I added a few things...
First off, I painted the entire house black... then I added some white crackle that I had that was left over...  I have way too many things that need to be used NOW... so put them to some use... 

I ran out of the white, so I added some pale blue crackle (no longer available... but I had a few bottles of it.. mixed it with what little white I had to extend it... )  used it all up now...

Added some black cobwebs... white ones would have been a little to pretty.. BLACK shows the oldness and dark to the house... spooky.... right??? 
Okay.. so I got a little carried away with the Heart trim... but the house use to be a nice old home... it just turned haunting a few hours ago... 
and the spiders... they are spooky too... hanging all over the place... and wedged into places ready to eat their prey... 

I bet you thought you would see the witch... not quite yet...  but the roof is a roof of Ideology tape...Halloween Ideology tape...  and then glossy accents all over the roof... made it like a glossy tin roof...  the pumpkin is sliding off the roof to make a mess all over the place... 
Spiders are hanging out... waiting for little moths and bugs to fly their way... for a tasty meal... 
(You can see the black hearts here a little better) 

The building is in great need of some TLC... but it is haunted... and no one wants to go into it... can you blame them... 
I think there are even some crows living in the house... ???? 

You can see what I mean... their is a skull and crossbones on the opening, where a front door use to be hanging...  and someone put some pumpkins there???  silly huh??? 
Maybe the witch that lives here did??? or maybe the ghosts did... that seem to by flying around the house all the time.. . 

Things are so very haunting here that there is a grave stone by the front door...  maybe someone is under that area... spooky, isn't it??? 

See.... I told you there are ghosts around this old haunted house...  yikes... I am out of here...  I think there is a ghost on the front of  the house with red eyes...  scary stuff all right... I think I better run along now... 

And up in the top room... a spooky pumpkin seems to be staring out of the window... wow... this place really is scary...  
A bottle of poison by the front door...  EMPTY!!!???  Oh wow... and that fence...  really pretty scary!!!! 

I didn't go into the house... a little to scary for me... but someone took a picture of what they saw in the roof...  a baby crow.. I knew it... I could just feel the crows all staring at us... lets get out of here... 
Oh but wait a minute...  here comes the witch... she is landing on the roof... 
What a 'cute' witch she is too...  a real little broom.... and little black shoes like a witch wears...   wow... she must be a real witch... 

And there is one of those spiders going to welcome her home...  it has huge RED eyes too... 

Her hair is as wild as she is...  and what a site for sore eyes...  LOL.. 

Please go on over to Frilly and Funkie and create something to share with this challenge... it is fun and also allow your creative bones to create something...
Thanks for coming here to see the
And also I would like to say thank you to all of you who leave these great comments on my blog... I really, really appreciate them all.. and read and cherish each one... 
Have a great and enjoyable and SAFE Halloween... 
Love, Light and Peace...


  1. Hi Bonnie! This is so booootifully sppooooky! :) lol! Love this! Brilliantly created and decorated, amazing work! Xx

  2. Wow,Bonnie this is spookalicious!! I absolutely adore this creation,it's so fun and beautifully detailed. I think this is now one of my favourite things you have made :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. This is the most enchanting (or be-witching?) Halloween make I have ever seen, Bonnie!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your spooky house with all the creatures, crackle and crafted goodness! And you have taken such awesome pictures of it - they create an even more eerie mood! Absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Claudia x

  4. Oh my, how fantastic is this spooky haunted house with all the great Halloween details. Love how you transformed a paper mache piece into a work of art.

  5. Oh Bonnie...... Cant stop laughing. Reading the story you made up showcasing this fab house was very entertaining. Not alone I had the pleasure of admiring all the awesome details, but your words along the pics almost made it into a novel... Lol.
    I'm truly impressed with the huge amount of fantastic details here : spider web, spiders, ghosts all over, pumpkins, poison. You really achieved that "Haunted House" effect by the way you combined everything. Crackle paint, metal

  6. Sorry... This device made a glitch. So have to post in TWO comments. But since it's positive I hope it will be OK....
    I told you how great all the special selected materials really made it into a Haunted House...
    And now this little Witch !! Somehow she is more cute than scary.. Sorry... Lol. Love her broom , her hair, clothes etc....
    Thanks a lot for sharing this AMAZING Halloween decoration.i'm so impressed with your creativity and your skills ! You are a very talented artist !!!!!!!
    Sending hugs from Monica.. Spain

  7. Your haunted house is fabulous Bonnie, I love all the details, the ghosts, the pumpkins and the gorgeous little witch - I would love to go inside and see what delights might be found.... but then I do like scary things~! A fabulous creation, I would definitely keep this piece and bring it out each year. Hugs, Anne xx

  8. This is amazing Bonnie! So many haunted, scary details! Love it all!

  9. Hi Bonnie, you must have had an absolute ball making this, loving all your details. I can just imagine it to be full of cobwebs and spiders and the odd ghost. Spooktacular !!
    Julie z

  10. wow love this little was so scary! The details on this house are awesome!!

  11. How fun is this? I can tell you had so much fun creating each special detail. I'm sure it took a long time and a lot of work, but it was totally worth it. Very well thought out and put together. So much to look at and be impressed by! Thanks again for giving our visitors such a wonderful piece to ogle over!


  12. I love your creation, and your narrative is spot on perfect!

  13. Bonnie, your sense of whimsy pervades even this spooky house! The heart trim....I said, "Shut the front door." Yes, I did. So many spook-tacular details and a great story has been spun here as well. I love all the different finishes on the house, too. The tin roof has to be my favorite. The pumpkins add just the pop of color that the whole scene needs to bring it to life.

  14. Wow Bonnie! This is my favourite Halloween project EVER!! I love how you did the roof with collage style shingles and your chimney looks so real! The texture on the walls is fantastic and there are so many details to look at! I just love them all! So much work and so worth the effort because is truly amazing!!

    Congrats on your Frilly and Funkie guest spot, you deserve to get recognized for your fabulous work! big bear hugs :)

  15. Your art is such a delight, Bonnie! I love every last detail of your haunted house!! What a fabulous Halloween display this will be. You put so much thought and love into everything you create. Thank you for being a guest designer with us!!

  16. Bonnie, I just laughed and chuckled and laughed again as I read through this and smiled at every detail you have added. I swear we are cut from the same cloth! (Go have a look at Making' the Grade at my blog, and you'll see we were laying our tape at the same time!!) This is absolutely perfectly spooky! I get goosebumps! Love it!!!!! Sara Emily

  17. SO many fabulous little details on this, Bonnie! And I love how you find "work-around's" if something doesn't go as planned like how you used pale blue crackle since you ran out of white. You triumph over every roadblock and I really like how the tinges of blue turned out. And never apologize for being "wordy" because your posts are always a hoot to read! I majored in English and adore people whose personalities come to life through their words and you are one of those people. Your art is always a joy to see and the stories behind it are equally entertaining, wise and profound.

  18. Love your house Bonnie...I feel sure if I looked at it a hundred times I would still find one new special detail. You are amazingly talented and I am so glad you share with us in blog-land. I love your crow and witch. What an amazing piece.