Monday, August 11, 2014

Time again... and the BEAT GOES ON

Another challenge at A VINTAGE JOURNEY  and this time it is for #12  Time Flies...  wow... does it ever.  Whom ever came up with this one... is really on target...  it is flying so very fast... 
Ponder... ponder... ponder
Okay... Our son just had his first child... and it was a baby boy... and they are so very happy... I wanted to do a book to remind them of this time... as it was a precious time in my life also... when he was born... 
So... the BEAT GOES ON... 
A little book that is about 4 inches wide by about 9 inches tall.. with little arrows going out on each page... I bought this book at our famous dollar store called MIGHTY DOLLAR... as they have super good things in this store for only a $1.00... nothing more... or less...  Best dollar store I have ever been in... 
This books pages are wood... and easy to work on... $1.00  wow..
Okay.. the book..  this is a long post... sorry.. don't know how to show you things with less photos and words... 
I also used 99% Tim Holtz products on this book... didn't list them all... and hope you know the product line well enough to know what is what... if you need to know more... please write me and I will tell you the name of the product.... so you can go buy it.. LOL.. what fun.. 
Each page of this book has been made, using Tim's techniques also...Using the Compendium of Curiosities books... Vol 1,2 and 3....  and they are all listed with each page... LONG POST...  hopefully some people will benefit from this.. I certainly hope so... 
The cover of the book... 
Black Alpha Letters... Vol 2  page 20 
great knob..   Vol 3  page 16  
Vol 1 page 18 

Our Son... 2 days old... Brett Earl McLain 
He is an artist and travels world wide to exhibit his skills of chainsaw carving...(in Germany now at an Expo) 
My Husband, Brett's Dad is Glenn Earl McLain and has always loved wood... carving, chainsaws, etc... so Brett didn't get that from anyone strange...  LOL..  
Distress Photo  Vol 3  page 41
Remnant Rubs  Vol 3  page 51
Burlap  Vol 3 page 37
Alpha Tiles  Vol 3  page 23
Texture Fade Tech Vol 2  page 64

Our son and daughter needed to be good friends... and so they would spend a lot of time together.... this is one of the fun times that I can remember and we have talked about his day many times...  funny what you remember as a baby and can still remember today... 


I wanted this page to show the two of them... one already flying and the other still on the ground... 

The Tag removed from the pocket... 
I used a lot of fun techniques on this page...
Bird  Vol 2 page 73 
Layering Stencil  Texture paste  Vol 3  page 49
Layering Stencil Mono print  Vol 3  Page 48
Layering Stencil Embossing...  Vol 3 Page 50 
Creative Core'dinations vol 2 page 61

My little bird with the one wing...  (where am I going to use that other wing???? hmmmmm ) 

A short story... when Brett met Casey, he told us all about her... and we were surprised!!!  As when Casey was a little girl... of about 3 years old... I had held her while her Mom was working with some sale people in her store... So I have known Casey since she was a wee little girl... and then Brett meets her and has a baby with her 12 years later...  amazing to me..
anyway... now 26 years later... Casey is having a BABY...  so very happy for them...

This is a picture of her a few weeks prior to giving birth...
Wrinkle Free Distress  Vol 1  page 33
Crinkle ribbon  Vol2  page 21 
Faded Layers  (behind the textured paste on the pocket) 
Vol 3 page 58

Casey was in her 8th month... thus the #8 on the clock...  and her baby shower theme was honey bees...  they have bees and Casey grows a lot of their food on their organic farm place... 

Pocket with Texture paste...  love that stuff.. 

Okay... are you still all there??? 
When Our daughter was born... my sweet hubby bought and planted a magnolia tree out back that I could watch grow as the kids grew...  when we left our home of  32 years.. our daughter was in her late 20's... and I really didnt' want to leave my favorite tree.. but hey... getting on with our life was important too.. 
SO Brett bought Casey a Magnolia tree for Mother's Day... carrying the tradition on...  THE BEAT GOES ON... 
This is a picture of them in front of the tree...
Bird in Pendant  Vol 1  page 17
Altered metal Alcohol Ink  Vol 1  page 56
Chit Chat  Vol 3  page 21

Sometimes babies come when THEY want to... this little one was 2 weeks early... and when the baby was born... we were without a phone...  the lines had been hit by a car and it took them over a week to fix it... the joys of living in the sticks and boonies... LOL.. but our son e-mailed us... technology is everything today...
We didn't have Skype... but did within a few hours... I wanted to see this little one.. 
Here was a picture of Brett... proud as could be holding his first child.. a little boy... 8.5 pounds.. 
Brett's favorite color... RED..

SEM....  Silas Earl McLain..
Brett and Casey did a lot of research on names etc.. they wanted a name that meant something for him... Silas means Man of the woods...  and also it is a form of family name on both sides of their families... 
Pocket Watch  Vol 2  page 35
Spinner  Vol 1 page 20

Okay.. .this is the last page...
And it is of Mom and child... what a precious picture of them.. so very sweet...
and look at that sweet little one sleeping ... he is a GREAT baby... hardly ever cries.. wakes and is fed and back to sleep... just like his daddy was... 
So this page had to bring everything together.. 

Flowers for Casey.. and the little one... 

Silas was born in 2014

With all our heart... 

but XOXO in all ways...
Alcohol ink  Vol 2 page 52
Keyhole drop  Vol 1  page 16
Alcohol in Grunge  Vol 1 page 53 
Well.. I hope you have enjoyed a book on how TIME has FLOWN in my life... yikes... seems like I had Brett only a few years ago... and he is almost 38 years young...  amazing...
Well thanks for stopping by for a visit into my world... and hope you have enjoyed you stay here... 
have a GREAT Day... and create something wonderful for someone... and pass it onto them...
Please check out the other entries at this location.. .as there are some really wonderful artists and people creating on there... 
I want to take this moment also to thank all the design team at Vintage Journey for voting my
 as the winner of
I am so very honored and excited about it... and will be appearing next time as the Guest Designer... 
So very excited and happy to have this honor. 
Thank You all again..
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 



  1. Hi Bonnie.....thank you for sharing this wonderful book, depicting many special moments in your life, as well as that of your children and grandchildren. :-) it is clear to see how much love you have put in to your album and it I will be a treasured family keepsake for sure.
    Your Ode to the Butterfly was stunning and again so much thought, details and techniques oozed from the papers and truly deserved this honour and I look forward to your Guest Creative Designer Post.

    Thank you for your kind comments and for hopping on board with us at A Vintage Journey.
    Crafty hugs
    Annie x

  2. Bonnie,what can I say?! Wonderful and stunning creation straight from the heart and mind of an inspired artist. What a beautiful keepsake and your grandson is a little cutie. You are such an inspiration,extra big hugs to you Bonnie.

    Donna xxx

  3. What a beautiful heirloom Bonnie. So much heart, love and wonderful creativity has gone into this. Bless little Silas - he looks gorgeous. Nicola x

  4. This is an absolute delight Bonnie, I loved reading the story and seeing your wonderful album take shape. Your love really does shine through each and every page, this will be THE most wonderful keepsake! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at A Vintage Journey. Anne xx

  5. Hi Bonnie, this is soooooooo gorgeous! Apart from displaying great creativity, you have so much family history and love all wrapped up in this, how wonderful! Delighted you joined in with our 'Time flies' challenge at A Vintage Journey. Chris xxxx