Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pumpkin TIME on the Farm

Okay.... I did the Frilly part of Frilly and Funkie...  now I HAVE to do the Funkie part!!!! 

So I wanted to do something about our farm...  and so this is what I did... 

We grow a lot of different kinds of foods etc... one of our favorite is a Watermelon called Orangelo... it is Orange inside... and the sweetest thing you could ever want to taste... we love them...
Farming is not as easy as one would think... it either rains too little or too much... the deer decide eat all the tips of the tomato plants off, because they are sweet and tender...  or maybe the Mrs. Groundhog decides that her new family would be good right next to the corn field... and the story goes on and on... 
Well we generally have a Love/ not like situation with the Crows... I love CROWS... a favorite bird of mine...  I really love their nature etc... they are the lawyers of the birds... and at the same time the clowns of the birds... LOL...
anyway... last year they waited until the water melon was a certain size, and nibbled on each one... taking only a small peck out of each one...  so who wants to eat watermelon after a CROW??? 
Now me...
Well this year.. the watermelon didn't get enough water... it rained enough... but they are really water hogs of the plant kingdom...  so they didn't mature properly... so the crows didn't get any...
But we did plant Pumpkins... and they are wonderful... we love to eat them stuffed with rice and all kinds of things... a fall/winter time favorite... 
They are just about ready to start to enjoy... and Glenn, my other half and the better half... told me that the CROWS found the Pumpkins!!!! 
So this tag is all about the way that we have now scared off the crows and we are winning the pumpkin patch back again... 
The Crows are not going to get our pumpkins... I don't mind sharing... but they don't know what that word is.. .at we enjoy and then let them have the left overs... the smaller ones etc... they don't eat them anyway... but the deer will... and so will Mrs. Groundhogs babies... and also all the others that live out on FARM... 

Our fields are filled with wild flowers too... small ones, big Sunflowers are still blooming and all kinds of leafy greens for egg laying insects...  also the fall and winter gardens are being planted now... kale, carrots, onions, cauliflowers, beets, etc. etc... a nice selection of foods... and we again will start to protect our own food first and let them have the remainder... 

Pumpkin Time... 

I love my STONE stencil... and painted each stone with the Tim Holtz Water color method...  love it...  so my pumpkin is sitting on the stone pathway... and the crow is trying to invade our pumpkins... NOT this TIME... 

Raffia... a fall time bow...  a natural bow... 
So this is the Summer Garden that is slowly being turned into the Fall and winter garden...  we are in the southern part of the state of North Carolina...    Actually we live in the Western part of North Carolina, in a very southern part of it.. LOL.. how's that for where do you live concept... ??
So our temperatures generally aren't as cold as a half hour north of us...  up the smaller mountain.. 
Growing is a great way to enjoy good food... but it is not less expensive...  LOL... just better and fresher... 
Thanks for stopping by today... and hope that you have a wonderful day and a very special safe holiday week-end if you live in the USA...  Labor Day is the 'last day' of summer... and so many people travel... be safe and get home safe... 
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Oh Bonnie what a beautiful tag, and I loved reading about your farm and all the trials and tribulations.... it sounds like a magical place!! You must be a very busy lady!!!

    I travel to North Carolina once a year to do advisory work in the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, - I should plan in a little detour and come and visit you :o) Have a wonderful Labor day!

  2. Wonderful tag Bonnie,I love your farming stories too. Love the mention of Mrs.Groundhog which of course always reminds me of the film :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. Wow, what a fantastic autumn tag! I love the textures in the background and your pumpkin is amazing! Just love it! hugs :)

  4. I love this tag, Bonnie, and fall is my favorite time of year. For some reason, I pictured you living outside the US. You asked where I lived, and I didn't know you lived in NC, too! The story you told about the garden is oh, so true! We've had WAY too much rain since July, and nothing has grown. My corn is 2 ft. tall and has tassels--my second crop. We lost a good deal of the first crop to some little 4 legged varmint. I have a funny story to tell you about crows some day. Anyway, great tag and a lovely white card, too! You can create anything!!!

  5. Once again I am amazed by how you have transformed your inner vision and love of life into an amazing piece of art! I love the folksy feel of your autumn garden! The raffia bow seems the perfect finishing touch. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creation at the Frilly and Funkie!!

  6. LOVE the story for this tag Bonnie - who knew gardening could be such a troublesome occupation! The pumpkin looks so fine sat on the cobbles away from that pesky crow. Thank you so much for joining us at Frilly and Funkie. Jenny x

  7. This is a gorgeous tag and love the crow perched on the pumpkin x Thanks for joining us at Frilly and Funkie x hugs x

  8. Ha, ha! An enjoyable write-up, as usual, and I appreciated the farm insights. Growing up, my dad was always at war with the deer for eating our plants, so I could relate even though I always sort of sided with the deer since I was too young to appreciate the expense of buying new plants every winter! Anyway, I really love the tag you created and how it's a mix of bright and vintage tones. The pumpkin is done beautifully and tells such a story when paired with that mischievous crow! I also like the dimension and texture you added with the raffia bow. Glad the lovely stone pathway is keeping the pumpkin safe. Thanks for another informative, entertaining and inspiring post!

  9. This is truly amazing! Love everything about this gorgeous work. Hugs, Kerstin

  10. I love this tag but even moreso I love the post and the stories you shared about your farm. It sounds like a magical place!

  11. This is such a feast for the eyes, Bonnie. I love how you have woven your stories throughout the focal aspects of this tag. I love the autumn and this has such a wonderful rural feel to it. Great colors and textures. So glad you shared it with us at Frilly and Funkie!