Monday, May 5, 2014

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers with Butterfly was a card that I made for a Tea Bag Class… this new medallion is one from Tiny Van Plaas’s newest book… love it… 


I used a Martha Stewart corner/border punch that is a deep one… so that it would fit onto this 6x6 card…  I found this pretty yellow flower print on Pinterest… and so I printed it a few times to use as a back ground for a few cards…. This one I cut the flowers out.. and then put them onto a Spellbinder background which I had used my new little mini Distress ink Cubes along with the round blending tool…  which makes a huge difference.  You get no rough edges… love it..


The rest…  well you understand it all… if not, please feel free to write to me… I will give you more details… 


Hope you have a wonderful day… and create something that is pretty and fun… 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and I will see you tomorrow with another card using the same flowers… done a little bit differently… 


Love, Light and Peace…Bonnie 


  1. My, my, my! Your work just gets prettier and prettier all the time!

    1. and YOURS??? yours keep on getting prettier and prettier too... you have always been an inspiration to me Penny... please keep on going... THANKS... Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie