Tuesday, July 9, 2013


In the 60's I was screaming world peace also... and it seems that everything we do in life comes in cycles... and here I am again screaming WORLD PEACE NOW! ! ! !   WE are in need of this action NOW...  if each and every person that sees this blog, thinks of LOVE for 5 minutes a day, the world would start to heal...  that is not very much time in the course of our day... If you really love life, spend all day thinking of LOVE.. send it to everyone on the face of this wonderful Earth Mother...  unconditionally, and in all ways...  LOVE...  simple enough.. please help us all...  we all need to be able to live in PEACE... too many horrible things are going on all over the world these days...  and it is not necessary at all...  

So my Tangle this week for the Diva's Challenge is two fold...  
Laura created some wonderful tangles...  they are truly wonderful... I don't have that much time to create tangles this week... but the thought behind my is HUGE...  Laura asked us to incorporate a stencil in and around the tangles...  the stencil I used was random numbers... representing the hours of the day that we need to think of LOVE...  the seconds on the face of a clock that people are suffering all over the world, due to wars, and unnecessary unlove...  so we need to think LOVE all the time...  send it out to everyone.. 

 Time is escaping us... and the hours are randomly leaving too.... think and live in love...  now...  

Thanks for stopping by here for a visit... and I do hope that you are able to help in the effort to create the healing of our world...  

Hope you hve a loving day... filled with LOVE in all ways... and that everyone around you is able to share in that love too... 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 



  1. Wonderful post and quite an interesting tile. I really like how you incorporated the stencil.

  2. I like this tangle and I like thinking good thoughts each day!

  3. I too would love world peace now.....thanks for the thoughts and the beautiful tile!

  4. PEACE, and more peace in a non violent world. Let's think positive Bonnie, because lots of people are sending love into the world. If you can, go to the weblog of Dilip Patel and read about the monks. Maybe even join his new challenge.
    Your tile isnbeautiful and thank yiu for sharing your thoughts.

  5. very interesting like your tile this world really needs more love and peace for sure

  6. Very lovely tile! All the world will become peaceful if it were for respect for each other and freedom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.