Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wrap arounds

Well... the past couple of nights I have had to calm down a little... and that means TANGLING!!!!  So I have a few more to share with you...  

 Sometimes YOU just have to play with the pen and pencil and see what happens...  that is what this is...  Happiness is Just being... and isn't that the truth!!!

Of course the Mr. Snail had to join in on the fun... which is his style.   But then the Dragonfly also came in...  change is always on going... and that is what dragonflies LOVE...  
 This week on the Diva, Laura has given us a challenge that Maria has been working with and looking for a name for this tangle...  

 I always have things on my tangles that happen in my life... and the geese are laying eggs...  but they are not fertile... as there is no male goose...  LOL...  They run off into the woods to lay an egg... and Glenn sees where they are sitting.. and then collects the eggs for us.  They are delicious... but this egg has the story on it...  with a little OMmmmm  ...  and then the ribbons are wrapped around the reeds of the grass...  

I wanted the egg to be on a pedestal of honor... and hope that it reflects that..  
I didn't want to shade this heavy... so I used some cross hatching on the ribbons...  with a pencil...  they are very light... but tend to look like shading...  

 All three of these TIA are on 8.5 X 11 pieces of card stock... I find it handy to use... LOL...  

This piece started out as a wheel... but then I decided to add the tangles that I had been trying to work with... and low and behold it was something that I really liked...  I wish I had put in the 12 spokes...  but if you look at this piece the extensions could really be counted as the 12th and 13th ....  
I again used the cross hatching on the 'poles' and love that effect with the pencil and the mark making.   

The S's in between I wanted a sketchy look... and didn't really obtain that light look on them... but that is okay...  as nothing is perfect in anyway...  only that which is made by God....  as mere mortals we are not perfect in any way, shape or form... to think we are is not a positive thought process.  

So I guess you could say that I had fun with these... I am teaching and prepping for the next few days... and hope that I have time to think inbetween...  I do have to clean and also cook...  (oh no Sande... to C words...)   Well  Hope that you have a GREAT day... enjoy all that you can... and create with love and from the heart.  

Thanks so very much for stopping by for a visit... and see you all soon...  

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie    


  1. Wow, and wow the white spaces and how the enhance the gorgeous tangling!

  2. Amazing tiles! Love the Goose and the egg tile.

  3. WOW you have been busy!
    I love all your drawings, so neat and delicate and very creative!

  4. Fantastic work, i love the detail that the last picture shows.