Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WOW.... another week!!!!

It seems like time is really flying by me... I thought it was one day and here it is already Tuesday....  it is Tuesday isn't it???  

Well... I have to still do my Zendala... and time is marching right on by me...  tonight I have my Fiber Group meeting down at the Ag Center and I am going to share some Lace' with the group... so I need to prepare for that... and also get rid of some of the Dust Bunnies that are living in the house... they are old enough to have names... and are marching around in circles and learning how to dance to the music I am playing... so maybe I had better relocate them today too...  maybe later on I can do my Zendala.... I will get it done Erin... don't worry...  

I did play last night with the new tangle that Maria created from a picture that was given to her by a friend... and then passed on to all of us...  and the DIVA decided to get us all in on the act of creating this... so here are a few that I have done...  

I guess it is really a Monday to my computer... it is acting up and will not let me write next to the picture!!!  Oh well... it is going to stand alone...  This is my Serpent of Light ...  I am reading this book and it just came thru... I am not fond of snakes... but am trying to relate to them in a positive loving way... and this one is very loving and friendly...    My first attempt at the Creation from Maria...  I wanted other things to happen around it... and they did... !!!!  

 I had started this tangle about two weeks ago... and had put it into the drawer that holds some things in the den area...  Pens, pencil and paper...  and had forgotten about it...  I finally dragged it out and finished it...  

The Jack in the Pulpit was the first part of the tangle... and the chain the last part...  

All else was done in between....A fun tangle....  I got it to flow in the tangle... and not work around it...  

This little dragonfly even came to see what was going on...  as did the balls of energy...  a good time for all of us...  

 Sometimes we just need to love ourselves a little more than at other times...  I woke up the other night and started to doodle in the middle of the night to relax... and I made a few mistakes... (I was really half asleep... but wanted to tangle too...)   So I was going to toss this... but I really loved parts of it... and so I finished it... mistakes and all...  just looks a little different in places... LOL... but I do love it...  a fun piece for me...  

I hope that you all are having a good time in your life...  I know that I am enjoying each day a little more... loving more about myself, life and the Earth Mother that so graciously allows us to unconditionally create all the things that we humans do... good, bad and indifferent...  so please think about what you do and create only positive things for her to deal with... love her like you do yourself... and be loving to her as much as possible...  we need to be kind and loving  to all living things... 

Have a great DAY... and create something positive for YOU...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and breath in the air around you... and love YOU... 

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  



  1. Wonderful post and beautiful tiles! All living things deserve our respect and I guess that includes mosquitoes and snakes.

  2. Bonnie, I love how you are always true to your style and you always have a knack of beauty and originality!

  3. Gorgeous work again, Bonnie. And yes, computers can be rats sometimes. Ditto mice!

  4. All three are great Bonnie! I think I like the last one best; I keep looking at it.

  5. Stunning technique Bonnie, great ideas in the middle one!!

  6. I realy love your work!
    and this week especially the second one!
    maybe its a bit (like mine) not a zia but a drawing.
    so very beautyfull!!
    (the others are great to)

  7. Let the dust bunnies dance. Keep creating, these are beautiful.

  8. Your intrepretation is lovely in all three but I love the first one the most