Sunday, July 20, 2014

Framing the Ancestors

This time on Compendium of Curiosities 3 we are creating Painted Industrial ... which I really call Faux Metal... and I happen to LOVE creating it...  wow... you will see some old things that I had done in the past with this GREAT method... as I really love doing it...

For all the details and also all the EYE CANDY... please go to the site  to see it all...  I really think you should grab some toys and join in on the fun...  Tim's books are for sale on the site above... and in other places... but that and join in on the creations every other week...  what fun.  I love doing these challenges, as it keeps me on my toes...  and I love to see what I come up with... and also what everyone else does too... 

Here is mine for this challenge... 

So many times a family forgets where they came from... so I am leaving tid bits around so that our kids can understand who people were in their ancestry...  
This is a picture of my Husbands Grandparents... I am looking for the book (family blood line book, which I can't seem to find right now???  ) 
They were married around 1890....  yikes... that is a long time ago... 
Anyway... they had four children ...
Nellie and Alton McLain 

I wanted to do something special for this picture... as it is really such a LOVELY picture for the time it was taken...  her dress is so very pretty...  and I wanted to show that to the fullest... also the room that this was taken in... 
The frame is also a shadow box... about an inch deep.. and you will see why in a minute... 
I used the Faux Metal and created a frame and then also using the die cut, three times with chipboard and once with the faux metal...  to make a thick frame...  I guess you have to look very closely to see that... but the oval frame is raised...  and the back piece is against the panel...  The panel is a piece of paper from the Wallflower collection of paper... love that paper... 

I create faux metal flowers too...  and used alcohol ink on them... I didn't want a bright color flower... so I used a pearl white and then put mushroom dye on top of that...  I think they look a little vintage... which is what I was tying to create...  since this picture was well over 100 years ago... LOL...   

I put one on the top too...  smaller flower... these were cut from the Tattered Floral die strip by tim...  I have had that one for a long time... and really just started to use it a lot... love all the different flowers on that strip...  and of course the leaves...

So here is a closeup of the frame... 

I had to make this picture lighter, so you could see the ribbon and the little locket in the box... 

In here are the names, marriage date, birthdays of the 4 children and it will be kept with this picture... hopefully one day, someone will cherish this as I do.. 
NOW... here are some other items that I have made in the past with this WONDERFUL technique... I really do love this technique... and do use it a lot.. 

A frame...  the flower is embossed with the color... 

I made this for my Mom's 93rd birthday...  she just recently passed, and I hope that I will get this box back...  I love the different looks you can get with this technique...  that is why I am showing all these... 

Well you know me... more is always better... LOL.. .so here are a few of the boxes I have made... one year, I made all the men a box for Christmas... with a nice gift inside of it...  love it... the girls got the flower ones...

So Thanks to Linda Ledbetter and THE CREW...  for all the inspiration and love that they give to each of these challenges...  and also to all the people that give wonderful prizes... like Tim, Mario and Inspiration Emporium... thank you one and all... you are all great... I love all these super duper challenges... 

Hope you all will take a look over at the site   so you can see all the wonderful eye candy...  really some really good ART... 

Have a wonderful day and be creative...  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.. and see you tomorrow with more challenges and more fun...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. Stunning make yet again Bonnie,I do love how you put so much of your heart into everything you do,it really shines through in your art.

    Yes you are right,faux metal is the best,I expect there will be loads of gorgeous entries for this challenge :)

    I do appreciate your lovely comments on my blog Bonnie,it's very kind of you.

    Donna xx

  2. Hi Bonnie, just wanted to pop on over and say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my tag and the comments about my blog header lol!
    I love ink and am obsessed with stamps hence the OCD bit and I am a lot obsessed with creating and I love getting inky fingers too, so that's why I am trying to push myself with the tools and supplies that I already own to try mixed media and vintage style crafting. I don't think I could ever be too OCD with creating 'perfect' things - where's the fun in that one lol?
    So very sorry to hear you recently lost your mum huni, that must be a real struggle for you.
    I love your boxes - hard to believe they are not real metal - they are stunning! I think I may have to invest in a copy of CCC3 or ask Santa to bring me one! Hope you have a lovely day and once again, thank you so much for the lovely comments Karen xx

  3. I hear you about this being a favorite of mine too! Your thick and extra textured frame just ROCKS!!! I love how you added the extra layers, and the locket inside to add info to the fabulous picture is an excellent idea! Your past projects are great too! Thanks so much for playing with us at CC3Challenge on this awesome Painted Industrial technique!!!

  4. What a treasure you have created! Love the idea of the shadow box so that the trinket box can go inside. You nailed the vintage look, which goes perfectly with the gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing the other pieces you did with the faux metal technique.

  5. Bonnie...first of all, I am so sorry about your Mother's recent passing. She was blessed with a long life...but it's still hard to lose our Mothers, isn't it? I know she must have been a lovely lady to have reared such a lovely and talented daughter. Your frame is amazing! I am so happy that you took the time to explain how you layered the frame to give it so much dimension. Pictures sometimes just do not do justice to beautiful art projects. This piece is so inspired and so beautifully done. The wedding photo of your husband's grandparents is so lovely and I think you have captured the "era" of that photo in your piece. The intricate metal work done with Tim's industrial painted technique looks beautiful. I also love the alcohol inked and muted metallic flowers you created. This frame really does make me think of the late 1800s. I love that is it a shadow box and the little metal album is darling! I also love the other little frame and the gift boxes you've created using this technique. All are beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing your always beautiful art and your lyrical way of sharing your creative thought with all of us at CC3C. <3 Candy

  6. Hi Bonnie! I so agree, it is so very important for us to know and understand where we come from and to know about our ancestors! I absolutely LOVE your frame for your grandparents picture! What a special piece. It really is beautiful and definitely lends itself to that era. your boxes are amazing too!!! I might just be doing that for Christmas this year! I think the boys in my family would really like that! Thanks so much for the inspiration and sharing your creations with us at CC3C! Have a great week!!!

  7. This is beautiful, Bonnie. I love the way you've used a shadow box so you can include the information in the little keepsake locket as well. What a treasure. Beautiful photos too of your other projects with this technique - thanks for joining us at CC3C again!

  8. Gorgeous projects, all of them Bonnie! Those little boxes are amazing. I am hoping to have the time some day to keep some memories (like you are doing) for my daughter to have then pass on to her kids in the future. What a special treasure. I always enjoy seeing what you create! Keep on inspiring us.

  9. Bonnie, your shadow box is gorgeous! Love all of the layers, and the journaling inside the locket is a great idea.

  10. Perfect technique for your frame. It is gorgeous. Wonderful heritage idea to have the family members with dates listed inside the locket. My daughter is my family historian, I'll be sure to share this with her. She'll love it too.

  11. Oh this is gorgeous, Bonnie. I love the heartwarming shadow box. What a keepsake beauty. All of your projects are lovely!

  12. What a wonderful project , I am very into creating things for future generations & the little box is adorable too, this is a winner !!

  13. What a gorgeous layered frame for your shadow box - and to honor these relatives on their wedding day (don't they look so young! even though they are all dressed up!) Your added flowers are beautiful too Bonnie!

  14. I think your frame is fabulous Bonnie so I had to come and tell you. :-)

  15. Wow Bonnie, your frame is just the perfect house for your special photo and what a keepsake for your family too... Thanks for playing along with the CC3 Challenge x

  16. Absolutely gorgeous piece Bonnie, the dimensional frame is stunning and what a wonderful keepsake for all the family. Items like this keep the memories alive. I love your design. Tracy x