Friday, June 27, 2014

More Diva Fun...

I have to say that I adored this challenge... and it was really a challenge for me... believe that or not...

I had tried colored Zentangles a few weeks ago... and really didn't care for it... but then I thought I had better try it for this challenge where we were to shake it up a bit... which I did... and I fell in love with the results...  (Laura this was one of the best ever challenges... Loved it... 100%)   Check out I am the DIVA here.. 

So here are a few more I did some time this week????

My husband and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary yesterday... and so for some reason I forgot to post... LOL... 

But here they are... enjoy and love to all of you... have a wonderful week-end... 

Love, Light and peace..Bonnie 

I had inked these papers a long time prior to the tangling of these papers... they are both the same size...  4.25 X 11 inches...  enjoy...  I DID... that is for sure... 

2nd one...  entirely different... 


  1. They are gorgeous Bonnie!!! And for the colors, I love the soft colors in the 2nd one.

  2. As always lovely and inspirational. :)

  3. Stunning, the backgrounds are gorgeous. Curious how you created the effects? The tangles are so elegant and full of life. Very inspiring.

  4. How fabulous! Not sure I've ever seen tangles coloured in - they look amazing, especially that second one - I love all the soft shades of green.
    Alison x

  5. Such interesting and beautiful 'chaos' going on there... all sorts of color, some laid down before the tangle, some after, some new and interesting detail added to things like that Mooka... I love the yellow and red 'flower/sun' element. So fabulous, glad you enjoyed it and I have enjoyed looking too!

  6. Like the variation of Mooka in the first one. The colors are great. Your second has an aquatic feel to me. Very well done. I like how you just used the background wash for the second with the black pen.

  7. these both are like an Octopus's Garden in the Shade. Serene, floaty, cool and comforting.
    aka Heidi Sue

  8. Your experiment with colour is very successful. So interesting - so much to look at in your tangles. Very inspiring.

  9. I often think that colour jazzes up a piece. Your choices of colours and blending are beautiful!
    ~ joey ~

  10. Both of these Tiles are superb. Your color work is inspirational and I love them.

  11. Glad you enjoyed my challenge. I think you found the secret to color & Zentangle, subtle choices in the Redux, Remix, Revisit. Love the finished project. Sharla Hicks