Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday... wow the week-end is upon us

Today is Friday... wow... the week-end is upon us...and it looks like it is going to be a stormy one too.... for the next four days... rain, rain and more rain... we are 20 inches above normal rain fall.... according to the paper this morning..Last year another year of drought...and not floods all around us...  weird weather. 

This week has not been the most pleasant for me... I slept in front of a fan a few weeks ago, and it settled into the sciatic nerve... yikes.. very painful to say the least... I am hobbling around with a cane... not my normal method of transportation... but hey... you have to do what you need to do, to get around.  My studio is two steps lower than the rest of the house...  ( a sunken room..and very nice... ) but when you have a problem... not the easiest to get into and out of... but My sweet Hubby has been running down into the studio getting things to keep me busy...  what a sweetheart he is...  

So I do have some of my tangling stuff up on this level, so that was good...  

Here is another 4 in one tangle... 

  I really love dong these 4 square TIA... 

I always draw the four squares using a tile as a template... and then start to play... 

This week on the Diva's challenge she asked us to use Jane's tangle called Henna Drum... my type of tangle.. it moves, has flowers, and is pretty.  What more does anyone need... I have really enjoyed using it... and will most likely be an all time favorite...  love it... thanks Jane and Laura for bringing this to us..  

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week-end... 
Love Light and Peace....Bonnie 



  1. Love your 4 in 1's. This one is beautiful.

  2. Really love your 4 in 1 idea. I especially like this one.

  3. Beautiful piece of artwork! Nice the 4 in 1 idea!

  4. Hope you get better soon Bonnie!
    Your tile is beautiful.

  5. I know I will always enjoy the glory of your tangled tiles!