Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where did Monday go??

This has truly been a week for me...  I have  been reading a book called The Power Behind Your EYES... what a powerful book it is.. I am not all the way thru it yet... but I have decided that I need to really  take a LOOK at what I am seeing and doing with my eyes... so as of five days ago I stopped wearing my eye glasses, for near sightedness (which I have for over 55 years)  and also my 'cheater' glasses which I have used for the past 8 years...  and so far it has been 6 days... YEAH!!!!  I am excited...  I am doing exercises with my eyes... and also thinking differently... and it is wonderful for me...  I will most likely wear my glasses for driving... but that all depends...  I am going to go get a pair of glasses with a lower prescription in them so that I will use them for driving...  I am so happy to be free of these things... and the best thing is that I am actually seeing BETTER!!!!  AMAZING...

So I spent time this week working on blogs for my on line classes and also my other classes...  and had a blast... but worked my eyes differently than I ever have.   I actually had more energy...  surprisingly so...  

Here are some of the pretties for a Christmas class... and you can actually take it on line!!!   
 You can see all the details on my Class blog... Hope you will take a look ... 
 I have so very much fun creating things to teach... and love the fact that they are east with nice results...  So many have asked for more KLASSES...  so here they are...  

So last night when I decided to TANGLE...  I was a little bit scared... but I think I did okay..  no glasses... and I used the smallest Pen I had for the owl... a .005...  

 I just wanted to do something simple for my first tangle without my glasses for closeup work.. . 
This week the Diva has asked that we do a Mono TIA...  using the tangle BALES...  
So here is my cute little Owl...  just simple but sitting on a branch waiting for night to arrive...  

Then I had a little more confidence and tackled a large piece...  

 I had no problem with this one either...  I most likely would have done it with a little bit tighter control but  I really love it just the way it is...  

Bales is a really fun tangle to do... so thanks Laura for the challenge ... I needed this to get past my own challenge.

Well I do hope that you will have a wonderful week... I will be tangling a little more, hopefully... but have a full week going as of now...  yikes... so very many fun things to do...  I am truly impassioned with my art and life...  hope that you are too..  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and thank you also for all the lovely comments that you leave for me... I LOVE you all...  

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  



  1. Your owl is adorable and so is the second tile. Love them both.

  2. What a wonderful owl! Love the variation with the swirls :)

  3. What a cute little owl! Your stacked tile piece is beautiful and very creative!!!

  4. Wow! Love the idea behind that second tile.That layetredf look has so much potential. You did very well despite being nervous!Keep on going !

  5. The owl is definitely fun, and I love the second tile. I like how the pattern flows from one tile onto the other.

  6. Love your tangling, your owl is so inspiring.

  7. Both are fabulous and your creativity is astounding!

  8. Both fabulous, but I LOVE your baleful owl!

  9. You have such a creative mine. I love to see what you come up with each week. Your second tile is amazing.

  10. Like the owl and the stacked tiles. The stacking and one flowing to the other is a nice touch.

  11. You have two fine ideaa and You have drawn them vey beautifully. I like these very much. How can You keep them without flying away ;-)

  12. Aw your owl is so cute! Love your work as always :)

  13. These are such fine works of art! great dimension in your second piece. So nicely done.

  14. I love your little owl and without glasses!!! The second one I love how they are tucked in the page what a cool ideal!