Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peach, Ivory and Gold

The other day Glenn and I went up to Hendersonville to buy some pots to plant some Christmas gifts in... and when we walked into this store, I was taken with this OUTSTANDING Christmas tree... it was not large...  it fact it was only about 5 foot tall... and it was about 24 inches in diameter.. tall and skinny style of tree... but Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!  Peach, Ivory and Gold... that is what the color theme was... and it was so outstanding that I looked at the tree for way too long... but it was so very beautiful... I would have bought the entire tree as it was, but I am sure that they wanted a very pretty penny for it... yikes... dont' even want to think about it...

Well when I see something like that, I have to create with that color theme...  so I thought about it for a day... and then I sat down and created this card...

Which I have to say I am keeping and using as a center piece for a particular area in the house... along with the Christmas Cactus that is with it... which is also in the peach colors...  That is another one of the things that I saw after this beautiful Tree... I was shopping at the food store and saw these wonderfully FRESH Christmas Cactus... and they were all blooming... and I had to have one... so I bought it... I love it... it is so pretty and it is blooming all over the place now... wow so very pretty...

I used flowers from Pretties by Bonnie  and created the arrangement in the center... along with a few punched flowers, which I layered also for a little bit more depth...  The poinsettias, the grand lace edge and the ornament are all Spellbinders... along with the Label 10 in the background... I used a gold gel pen to create the diamond look on the ornament...  and pearls were added for the look I wanted.. as this tree... oh wow... it was loaded with pearl ornaments, ivory drops of pearl, etc... and I have captured the look here... I love it..

Here is a close up of the flowers so that you can see them a little bit clearer.  and the lines also...

Now I ask you... isn't that Christmas cactus lovely... how could you pass that one up???
I just might go buy and some more...  they will be lovely all around the house... and for a center piece... I will try and share another project later on this week... that I also made for the table...

Anyway... after I made this card I got a letter from a gal asking to show how this style card is made... and since I have been asked by quite a few people, I thought I would put that up as the same time...

Directions are below....

Start with a piece of paper 6 X 12 .... and then cut along the solid lines, and crease along the dotted lines... then decorate...

Simple and easy... ..

Please excuse the rough sketch, but this is all I wanted to do at the time... sorry about that... but I am in need of some sleep, but wanted to get this up so you could see it...

Hope you have a wonderful Week-end... enjoy it all... and thanks for stopping by... I love it when you do...

See you all soon... I promise... trying to get ready for a huge holiday get together... way too much fun...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Bonnie, this is a beautiful card! Love all your details in the flowers and ornament. You are such an amazing artist! Pretty cactus!

  2. Bonnie
    This is so lovely. The Christmas cactus is perfect. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a whole house full of them? and that color too.

  3. Hello Bonnie,
    I have just found your blog and think your card is beautiful! I love the colours and I am not surprised that you are keeping it as a centerpiece.

  4. Another beautiful card! Great job!

  5. WOW! This is so gorgeous!! Your gold inking is fabulous!!

  6. Oh Wow Bonnie, this is just beautiful, love the flowers and pretty colors

  7. WOW!! You never cease to amaze me. This is beautiful. No wonder you wanted the tree and all the trimmings. The cactus is gorgeous, too. I love the peach colored theme.

  8. Not sure which is prettier, the card or the Christmas cactus. Beautiful!!

  9. I love your yellow flowered ornament card Bonnie! this is SO pretty!

  10. Beautiful colors and card Bonnie! Love the tutorial!