Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Rite Ornaments

Oh so much fun.. The Just Rite Challenge this week is to make an ornament/tag  using their stamps of course.. and also a Spellbinder... Oh what an ordeal!!!!LOL... I love it... two of my favorites to use together... So MUCH FUN!!!!!

Okay... I have to admit, my mind was spinning with excitment... so you have to calm down or else the project doesn't look to nice... so I calmed down.. (right???!!!!) and then started to work on a couple that were in my mind...

Here they are...

I think that this one is my very favorite... ???
I am not really sure... as I love them all..
How do you pick when you love it all so much...

The Spellbinders off set the Stamps...
BUT the STAMPS off set the Spellbinders as well.. both go hand and hand so well..

I love red and white at Christmas time... and one year I wrapped all our presents in white shelving paper and then put a big red bow on them... and a very pretty ornament... most of the ornaments you would laugh at today... but they were pretty for their day in the limelight!!!

But Red and White is so very pretty... 

But I had to switch things around... as Change is Good..

So I did one with a little bit of red... but mainly GREEN...

So this little bird... who just flew in from the North... has been skating... and she is so very happy... to say Merry Christmas to you..

There is a nice place on the back of this for a message...
So that is great... as these are suppose to be tags... it is just that I never make anything for just ONE purpose.. so this can be used as an ornament after it is on the present... hopefully it will be anyway..

Oh so many fun things to make... just remember another one I wanted to make... back to the drawing board after I finish this.. 

Actually we are stacking Sweet Potatoes this afternoon... so maybe later... boo hoo..

On a farm you can't let things wait... they just DON'T do it... at all.. so I have to let the paper fun slide for awhile and then back to it later...

This ornament... came to me in the middle of the night...
STARS.... lots of STARs....

I love this one.. I took four stars and then ran them thru my Cuttlebug Swiss Dot... and cut the center out for the message.. and added some more little red stars... and an adorable penguin... and I have a really cute tag... and this will also be used for an ornament... guaranteed 100%

Now if you look closely, you will see two messages... there is only one ornament... but the message twirls back and forth... all around... It is suspended on a thing golden thread... and it is very delicate.. but that is okay..

Stars are coming in from all over the place... so much fun to have...

I used my Twinkling H20's to color all the stamped areas.. and other wise it is cardstock... Very easy and a lot of fun.. .

Hope that you enjoy these... and try making a few...
Go to the Just RiteWeb site .. and click on thier blog and it will take you to the challenge... I will get a blinkie up soon... just been a little bit jammed with time...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope that you come back soon...
Please scroll down to see the Be Inspired Challenge by Cuttlebug ..  that I created ...
They were also a lot of fun to CREATE... working with paper is such a delight for me... I love it .

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. These ornaments are great! I love the first one too, though they are all wonderful.

  2. These are all BEAUTIFUL, Bonnie!!!

  3. These are just beautiful! I really love your use of the Spellbinders Dies together with the JustRite stamps! Wonderful ideas!

  4. These are beautiful. What a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing.

  5. SPECTACULAR ornaments! I especially love the star with the twirly sentiment!

  6. These are amazing!!! What a fantastic job you did. I LOVE the first one -- your favorite, and as I scrolled down, they just got better and better. The star with the penguin is my favorite, I think.

  7. These are fantastic! I especially love the star one!

  8. Your tags are amazing. I really like the red and white one. Congratulations on winning!

  9. I love the red and white tag and would like to know what die(s)you used to cut out the design. Also - do you have a store in Ashville, if so where is it located. My husband and I go over quite often and I would love to see your creations if possible. You can contact me directly at

  10. Both of your ornaments are wonderful but I LOVE that star one. LOVE the colors and that really cute little penguin, what a great idea.