Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quilling with Cuttlebug

Oh what fun this is... and also very easy... I love it.. I hope that you will take the time and look at some of the cards that I have made with quilled flowers ... there are many.. Cuttlebug has Three different kits... and I have all three available in my store... TOYZ 4 if you can't find them... I do have them for you..
The one above is the Daisy... that is the one I will be showing you today.. the others are just as nice... but I have found that I needed all three... as I mix the pedals in one flower... my flowers don't have to be real... just flowers.. !!!! I love them all.. You can see the name and number on each kit... so just write it down and e-mail that you desire them..

Another needed thing in my mind is that you will need longer pads for your Cuttlebug... they do work a lot easier... but that is not a must ... use what you have ... and think about adding these to your tools..

When cutting with the Cuttlebug... you will keep A on the bottom, B next... then the template and then paper... and then C Real Easy... A B C...

This shows you the way it should look... lets get started... Using your templates... you should cut out some of the items you will need to make a flower...
NOTE: I have found... that using the EXACT SAME thickness will make a flower go together a lot nicer... using different thicknesses in one flower will make it splay out in funny ways... so use the same thickness on each flower..

I cut some white petals... and then some yellow centers.. I did sneak and made some from the mum too.. as I love the look of it... sorry... you will get the hang of this an want all three anyway..
You also need some quick drying white glue... and also your quilling tool... which comes in the kit.. now we are ready to begin.

With a straight piece.. insert the end of it into the slit at the end of the tool.... and start to twirl.. Twirl even...and not real tight or too loose.. nice and easy..

When you are at the end.. put a little bit of glue on the end... and continue to twirl until it is all done...

As shown... the first layer is still on the tool and ready for the next layer.. I am using the mum single sheet...

I put a little bit too much glue on.. but you get the idea... and then attach that to the center..

And start to twirl that... I try and always go in the same direction... your choice... but the same

Getting to the end.. and keeping it even... not too tight or too loose.. even on the bottom as much as possible..

You can see the bottom here... and it is even.. (as much as possible. )

At the end... adding more glue to hold it closed...

And then we start with the white layer... the same as the other..

Adding a little glue... and then starting to twirl it onto the center..

Making sure the bottom is as even as possible.. keep on turning...

If you look closely at this flower... you want the petals to slightly be off to the side of the row prior... they should not be stacked on top of each other... you will get a funny looking flower... this will happen when you use different thicknesses of paper... so if you need to use different thicknesses of paper... I would suggest that you put some more center material down... or make 3-4 rounds of the petals... After you make a couple you will see what I am talking about.. and it will not be a problem for you.. you will know what to do about it..

As you can see ... my petals are totally uneven here... which is good.. the best ever..

Looking down into the center... you can see that the flower is starting to look really good.. the petals will be pretty...

Now CAREFULLY take it off the tool... allow the glue to dry for a few minutes... I know you are excited to see it.. but it will be ready in a few..

Then carefully pull the petals down... and open the flower up..

Opening all the way around it...CAREFULLY...

Then start to pull the center part down too..

Oh WOW... it is a daisy... I love it..

Nice and even... and the petals are evenly placed all around the center... due to the paper all being the SAME thickness.. .

This shows you how the two different centers will look on this particular flower....

Oh but for those that really know me... you know that I can't leave anything without adding something MORE to it...
So I take my favorite Ranger Liquid Pearls.. .and add some dimension to the center..

This picture will show you the centers... I love it.. just another dimension to the process of making a flower beautiful...

So there it is.. a simple daisy... that is so precious for any card... and there are thousands and thousands waiting for your hands to create.. .believe me... it is as easy as ABC..
I also will be carrying the Liquid Pearls in my store... so take a look from time to time as things get added...

Thanks for stopping by and seeing this tutorial... hope you have enjoyed it...
I Live.... I Create.... I Am
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Your flowers look really cute. I love that the Cuttlebug dies are bringing new attention to quilling.

  2. Oh so beautiful daisies. Very nice idea. Congratulations.

  3. wow bonnie-these daisies are sooo pretty-you make it look easy-I might have to consider this new cb tool-you are such an enabler (lol)!!

  4. Bonnie
    Aren't they just darling? and so easy to do too.
    Your tutorial is so great and easy to follow.

  5. AAAccckkkk - stop showing me things I need Bonnie!! how cute are these flowers!

  6. WOW! Way to much work for me - but boy are they stunning!!

  7. Wow! Such a great and easy tutorial to follow Bonnie. I don't do quilling but you have changed my mind about these...they really work and you have done them beautifully. Thank you so much.

    Love Sheila xx

  8. Your flowers seem to come out prettier than mine! Have been doing some with Beverly and my petals don't spread out as nicely and there are gaps. As you know this really isn't my thing anyway, but the flowers are very pretty!

  9. April, There a couple of things... use the same THICKNESS of paper for the entire flower... also you are either winding too tight or too loose... wind evenly... and they come out fine... Practice also is the key to the whole project... I think I have made at least 50 or so flowers... have you seen all the cards... LOL.. and I had to make that clear plastic box also... as I had so many... I love them... and I even had to start another bin in my card room for cards with Quilled flowers on them...
    Yikes... sounds obsessive to me... ????

  10. Just gorgeous! I've got two of the quilling kits, and haven't had the time to try them yet...seeing your beautiful daisies (and I know they are your favorites!) motivates me to get in there and make the time! Must take time to smell the flowers! Hugs to you, my friend!